What Does Winscribe Dictation Version 4.2 Sound Like? Vroom!

Auckland, NZ (PRWEB) November 4, 2013

Winscribe delivers enhanced speed and control with the launch of Winscribe Dictation Version 4.2, empowering businesses to work faster and smarter. 

Whether you are a race car driver or a business that is looking to achieve higher performance, you need the right tools to help you drive your team faster and reach your goals.  




Looking at racing, let’s say you buy a 4-cylinder car because it’s cheap, it can take you from point A to point B, and it’s a car (right?) – steering wheel, tires and an engine?  Would you be able to race it against all those high-powered race cars?  Probably not, which would lead you to spend more time, effort and money modifying the car to make it service your needs, wasting time and energy towards reaching your end goal – to race and beat the competition.  Does this make sense?  No, but often times businesses work in a similar manner.  Having ineffective tools that require continuous investment to modify them, in order to meet your business’ and employees’ needs, and that do not service your company well can end up causing more wrecks and pit stops than leading your company towards becoming competitive and working smarter. 

With Winscribe Dictation v4.2, companies can work faster and have more control over their documentation processes and data management.   

In the business to help our clients meet their business goals, the latest version of Winscribe Dictation enhances speed and control through: 

  • FAST document creation and turnaround via smart documentation workflows, template tools, Microsoft Office integration, on-the-go dictation for smartphones and tablets, and integrated Speech Recognition (via Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Microsoft’s Speech Platform engines).
  • FAST and flexible documentation via manufacturer independent input devices, including the new Philips DPM 8000 Pocket Memo and Olympus’ DS-7000 series handheld recorders, which are among the most advanced portable recording devices on the market.
  • FAST system management and implementation.
  • FAST reporting available by means of advanced, SQL-based reporting tools, providing dashboard intelligence and assisting organizations to understand employee usage and productivity gains. 
  • CENTRALIZED roles-based security which enables businesses to apply permission templates across its user base.
  • CENTRALIZED multi-departmental management, allowing cross department management savings.
  • CENTRALIZED, intelligent workflow management whereby the system recognizes deviations from the normal workflow and automatically takes corrective actions, ensuring smooth and accurate business processes.

“Winscribe v4.2 is the culmination of working together in successful partnership with our customers to produce a release that drives greater business value, which can be proven through measurable outcomes,” explains Greg Allen, Chief Technology Officer at Winscribe. “In addition, information security is of increasing concern as more businesses adopt mobility and cloud technologies, and Winscribe v4.2 is ready, employing the latest in Microsoft .Net technology at its core and adopting 256-bit AES encryption from its digital portable manufacturing partners.”

Mr Allen went on to say that: “Winscribe Dictation provides our customers with greater visibility of the benefits to their businesses – delivered through voice technologies such as speech recognition. Building on our philosophies of ease of use, innovation and intelligence, Winscribe Dictation v4.2 sets the standard for optimal digital dictation and speech recognition workflow.”

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