Winscribe is excited to announce the evolution of their digital dictation and workflow management software suite with the release of Winscribe Dictation Version 4.1 (v4.1).  Among the new features of v4.1 is a new calendar feature that calculates the actual turnaround of jobs based on staff work schedules and an updated search function. Another added feature, built based on user feedback, is the ability to split large jobs into smaller jobs for quicker completion. By using Winscribe’s new advanced bookmark feature, authors and typists are able to insert bookmarks at different points of interest within the dictation and add notes. From an IT manager’s point of view, Winscribe Dictation v4.1 provides improved control of organization workload and staff productivity levels through enhanced reporting tools via Microsoft SQL Server Report Builder.  Adding to the many new features and benefits that come with Winscribe Dictation v4.1 is the support of speech recognition engine, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11, and popular office package Microsoft Office 2010.

All of our Winscribe clients with existing Software Assurance Agreements are entitled to this upgrade at no cost and we will be scheduling these upgrades in the next while.

Post By: +Ryan Gaudet