Winscribe has just released a new update to their iPhone application and we recommend that any users currently using the iPhone dictation client with the Winscribe dictation system go to the App Store and update to the latest version.

If you currently have Winscribe and would like to add iPhone licenses to your system or would like to get more information on the Winscribe system, please contact us.

Here are the details as released by Winscribe;

We are happy to announce updated user interfaces for Winscribe’s Dictation iPhone applications – Winscribe Dictation for iPhone and Winscribe MD. We released the latest versions of the iOS applications today, which introduce simplified and ergonomically improved user interface (UI) philosophy to all iOS devices including the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


The facelift, which is based on the Winscribe for Android application, has been developed based on extensive user testing. The new UI has been found to minimize user fatigue, while expediting the dictation process and resulting in higher user acceptance and uptake.

Winscribe Dictation for iPhone and Winscribe MD streamline and simplify the dictation process and speed up work turnaround with full recording capabilities, secure voice and data transmission, speech recognition integration and online/offline functionality.

The updated iPhone applications also support barcode scanning functionality to accelerate workflow automation. In a law firm, this means that lawyers may use their iPhone to scan barcodes on case notes from hardcopy files or on their computer screen, to associate a dictation with a specific case or client. In a medical environment, a doctor may do the same from a patient’s wristband, a screen in their hospital information system, or from a patient file. Both can create recordings with a single tap on their iPhone’s touchscreen and send recordings to a transcriptionist or transcriptionist pool for immediate processing.

The iPhone apps also support Winscribe Dictation workflow technology such as the pre-populating of document templates with client information as well as further automation with the help of speech recognition technology. Barcode technology can also be used to setup the device with one click.

Greg Allen, CTO of Winscribe, explains:

“Mobile technology is a big part of most people’s lives nowadays. Professionals are increasingly becoming used to working remotely and demand solutions that will allow them access to all their relevant information and enable them to stay productive while moving around, both within their workplace as well as offsite. Winscribe Dictation for iPhone provides this freedom, and at the same time has been developed to make use of the advanced workflow components of Winscribe Dictation which ensures Winscribe users will get their work done faster, and their organization will receive better efficiencies in the process.”

Both Winscribe iOS applications, Winscribe for iPhone and the medical-specific Winscribe MD, display the new UI and updated functionality.

Post By: +Ryan Gaudet