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All products are brand new and unused unless otherwise indicated.

Clearance Microphones

Get a great deal on a high-quality, speech recognition compatible microphone.

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Get a great deal on a high-quality, noise-cancelling headset.

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Get a great deal on software and have it delivered to you electronically in seconds.

We offer training & technical support.


Customization – is maximizing the product’s settings to make the software work at top performance. Your device or software may come with many different features. We help you select the ones you need.

Integration – is how the software is setup for your practice. We can show you how to integrate the software to fit your practice to maximize your workflow efficiency.

Training – is showing you how to get the most when using your product. We can provide one-on-one training to the user directly or we can spend time with a corporate trainer or IT staff and show then how to train a user to use the product. We have a custom training checklist that we provide that gives the user enough information to use the software to its potential without overwhelming them with features that may not be as useful to them.

Workflow Optimization – is reviewing how you complete your documentation and showing you ways to increase the speed and effectiveness of using your product.