VTEX Voice Solutions Inc. is dedicated to enriching lives by delivering innovative and personalized workflow management solutions. We are currently celebrating our 20th year anniversary and have a with a combined total of over 25 years of market experience in the dictation, transcription, and speech recognition industry. We serve a wide range of industries such as health care, legal, and law enforcement, and see a greater application of these products in new and emerging markets. Our wealth of knowledge and expertise coupled with our get-things-done mentality allows us to provide our customers with an exceptional quality of service and quick, personal support from our in-house team.

Many of the products we provide offer a wide array of features and benefits that are not always a drop-in solution – and we love that. This aspect of our work allows us to work closely with our clients, which is where we shine. With some guidance and personalized one-on-one coaching, we make certain that our users get the most out of the products they’re purchasing. We excel at finding a solution that works without compromise for our customers, and are confident in our ability to provide the best combination of products and solutions to meet their needs and achieve results.

By delivering a managed workflow solution that captures relevant thoughts and converts them to digital text, our clients are able to achieve the results that they desire including greater organizational workflow and overall improved communications. The innovative products that we offer help to increase efficiency, productivity and profitability for our clients so they can focus on enjoying their work and be able to get home in time for dinner. At VTEX Voice Solutions, we value job satisfaction in addition to work-life balance, and seek to offer more than just a workflow solution – but a work-life solution.

Dictate your life, transcribe your thoughts, and achieve results with VTEX Voice Solutions.


VTEX Voice Solutions is dedicated to enriching lives by offering more than just a workflow solution but a work-life solution. Through the use of dictation, transcription, and speech recognition technology, our mission is to enhance the accuracy and speed of documentation by delivering innovative and personalized solutions for an improved work-life balance. We combine leading industry experience with a “get-things-done” mentality to inspire customer confidence and satisfaction so they can focus on what really matters – living life.


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Note: Because of the recent pandemic and restrictions, our office is open regular hours but are only taking in office visits by appointment until further notice.

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