Olympus DirectRec Microphone

The Olympus DirectRec Series offers top of the line dictation quality, customizable buttons and compatibility with Windows and OS X operating systems. Dictating has never been simpler.

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High Clarity Microphone

  • Highly sensitive, low-noise directional microphone built to clear background noises for crystal clear recording
  • Highly compatible with speech recognition software
  • Adjustable microphone sensitivity settings – ideal for busy office environments
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Customizable, Programmable Comfort

  • Customize and program buttons for different recording conditions, user environments, and purposes
  • Register a user ID and have it automatically added to the file naming system for all created dictations
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Easy of Use

  • Robust trackball for extra smooth one-handed operation
  • Designed with comfort in mind. Symmetric and ergonomic.
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Integration ready

  • Compatible with multiple speech recognition software (ie. Philips SpeechExec Pro Dictate, Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Medical)
  • Seamless integration into existing workflow systems
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DirectRec USB Microphones

The Olympus DirectRec Series Microphones are built to stand wear-and-tear, and designed for optimal comfort and clarity.  With its easy-to-use layout including its practical button formation, a lustrous trackball for smooth and accurate navigation, and the comfort hold of a  smooth, rounded back, these devices will take your dictations to a whole new level.

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