Philips DPM8900 Philips Pocket Memo
Conference recorder

Everything you need to start digital dictation and transcription

The Philips DPM8900 kit includes the Philips DPM8900 digital recorder, the accompanying docking station, and four meeting microphones for an all-around recording solution. See the attached brochure for additional information on the DPM8900 mic.


All-around sound detection

  • 360 degree surround recording experience for easy meeting documentation

High-Quality Recording Options

  • Stainless steel protective case for high durability
  • Lightweight and designed to provide maximum comfort and minimal strain
  • Designed for convenient, single-handed operation with the push-button operation for recording, playback and easy editing

Extend Your Reach

  • Easily connect up to six meeting microphones to extend the recording radius of your Pocket Memo Conference Recorder

Recording Quality Excellence Defined

  • An innovative microphone that offers the boundary layer design that uses the sound pressure of the table to deliver a 360-degree high recognition quality

Wire Storage Flexibility & Organization

  • The microphones include a built-in wire storage to give you the flexibility to adjust the length of the cable to your preference and help keep your workspace organized

Robust Mobility Case

  • Portable metal carrying case offers transportation protection for the on-the-go, mobile consumer

SpeechExec Workflow Software for Fast Documentation

  • The Speech Exec workflow software offers an efficient data management system that can mark dictations with priority statuses to better manage your workload and  witness optimal, flexible, and mobile performance

User-friendly, out-of-the-box solution

  • The Pocket Memo Conference Recorder let’s you instantly start dictating with pure audio recording excellence and user-friendly technology straight out of the box

Infinite Storage Capacity

  • Switch out your memory card when it’s full for a limitless recording experience

Fast Transcription

  • Connect the Pocket Memo Meeting Recorder and your files are automatically downloaded onto your computer. It’s that easy.

Philips DPM8900 Pocket Memo Meeting Recorder

The Philips DPM8900 Meeting Recorder gives you the power to manage your workflow efficiently. Document your meetings with ease and flexibility with a surround sound recording.

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