Nuance PowerMic III


The Nuance PowerMic III provides you with everything you need to dicate your notes effortlessly. See the attached brochure for additional information on the Nuance PowerMic III.


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Complete Control of your Dictations


  • Thumb-controlled operation for enhanced navigating experience
  • Added PC mouse capabilities and programmable buttons for an all-in-one solution and less time spent switching between keyboard, mouse, and dictation device.
  • Complete reports using voice recorded commands to insert text

Practical, Ergonomical Design


  • Anti-bacterial exterior for perfect use in clinical settings
  • USB-connectivity for quick and easy install
  • Surround-sound microphone with noise-elimination

Nuance PowerMic III

The PowerMic III gives you the control you want to navigate everything from your dictations to your report templates and more with a user-friendly, new and improved design!

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