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VTEX Voice Solutions Fluency for Transcription

Get a Jump on Accurate Clinical Documentation with Fluency for Transcription.


Challenged with increasing documentation requirements, more stringent compliance requirements and lower reimbursements, healthcare providers are pressed to find solutions that extend beyond transcription. Without disruption to your personnel or budget,
M*Modal Fluency for Transcription™ with integrated Speech Understanding™
optimizes clinical information workflow, speeds up the revenue cycle, helps
achieve HIPAA and regulatory compliance and helps meet
Meaningful Use and EHR requirements.

Complete Functionality to Capture, Manage, Analyze and Distribute Information Safely and Securely

Dictation is captured through M*Modal Fluency Voice Capture™, a Web-based, digital voice capture and transport solution deployed at the customer’s location, and seamlessly routed to the right transcriptionist and right department via sophisticated document routing and management functions with M*Modal Fluency for Transcription. The powerful speech recognition engine quickly converts audio files to text, links them and then automatically routes them to the right editor. Providers electronically sign the completed documents, which are automatically distributed (or uploaded into your HIS). Final documents are sent in HL7 or CDA structured data format and can be sent directly to M*Modal Fluency for Coding™ for automated coding, mined for quality measures reporting, or uploaded to your EHR.

EHR-Integrated Dictation

Through M*Modal Fluency for Transcription, providers can dictate directly into the EHR system, creating a comprehensive clinical document that incorporates both voice and structured text through a single application. Enjoy the ease and speed of a structured template, with the flexibility, color, context and reasoning that only dictation can provide.

M*Modal Technology + Service = Lower Costs, Better Care

“M*Modal Fluency for Transcription has helped to elevate our HIM department in the eyes of our physicians and business managers,” said Rollins. “While managing transcription can be a daunting task — especially with our volume — we now have the processes in place to not only increase our productivity, but also lower the overall costs.”

Pam Rollins, HIM Manager, Shands HealthCare



  • Secure, flexible, high-quality voice capture
  • Dictate directly into the EHR
  • Global view of in-house and outsourced jobs
  • ADT matching for more accurate patient data collection
  • Integrated speech recognition
  • Automated formatting
  • State-of-the-art workflow management tools
  • Point-to-Point audit trails
  • Electronic signature with attending workflow for Teaching Facilities
  • Comprehensive performance analytics and reporting
  • Direct routing to M*Modal Fluency for Coding for automated coding
  • Structured data output for reporting and EHR fulfillment



For the CIO

  • Easily integrates with EHRs and existing systems
  • Scales to the needs of your organization
  • Requires few of your technical resources
  • Built-in encryption and redundancies
  • Generates structured data
  • Powerful security features and audit trails


For the Physician

  • Gives full range of voice input options
  • Maintains preferred narrative documentation
  • Faster report turnaround
  • Enables direct dictation into the EHR

For the CEO and CFO

  • Speeds up the revenue cycle
  • Improves physician satisfaction
  • Increases patient satisfaction
  • Reduces documentation costs
  • Results in a quick ROI
  • Offers pay-as-you-go pricing

For the HIM Director

  • Web-based for easy access from any location
  • Produces higher quality reports
  • Supports HIPAA and HITECH compliance
  • Reduces transcription costs through technology efficiencies
  • Automates QA workflow
  • Automates core measures reporting


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