Philips SpeechExec Enterprise


Finally a way to bridge the gap between document creation & the review process Philips SpeechExec The most seamless workflow solution on earth tailored for clinics and practices.

SpeechExec Enterprise

Geared for Dragon® Medical Practice Edition speech recognition software

SpeechExec Enterprise connects seamlessly with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 speech recognition software to control the entire document creation workflow within one single application. The complete speech recognition process is managed within SpeechExec Enterprise.

Edit speech-recognized documents 3x faster by using Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 with Philips SpeechExec. You can not only provide medical secretaries with the ability to automatically receive transcribed drafts of a doctor’s dictation, which they can easily review and finalize, but you can also give yourself 3x more time for patient care.

SPeechExec Dictation Workflow Manager


Centralize IT workflow

Centralize IT workflow, configurations and updates

Future Proof Citrix Compatible

Future Proof Citrix Compatible

We like options. Recorder, USB Microphone or Smartphone?

We like options. Recorder, USB Microphone or Smartphone?