Dragon for Mac Medical 5 Upgrade

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SKU: NUA-SN-T381A-R00-5.0
Brand: Philips

Model: DDMM5

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Product Description

Product Description
Note: This is an UPGRADE license and digital download only. Includes download link to software and license key.

With an updated vocabulary of over 90 medical specialties, flexible microphone options, 3x the speed of typing, and up to 99% accuracy, Dragon® for Mac® Medical v5 is the ultimate streamlined solution for clinicians. This software allows clinicians to navigate and record notes, create and edit appointments, select items in menus, and more with just their voice directly into the EMR system. This newer version offers enhanced support for accented speakers and with its flexible microphone options, a headset is no longer required! Use the built-in microphone of your mac or a Bluetooth headset at your convenience. Designed with patient care in mind, this state-of-art technology increases efficiency allowing for more time spent with patients, and as a result, an increase in patient and clinician satisfaction. Moreover, the Hidden Mode feature continues to allow clinicians to multi-task more effectively by dictating and reviewing information simultaneously.

Product Highlights

Superior Quality & Design

  •    Up to 99% accuracy with improved accuracy of 15% over previous version 4.0 and 35% over version 3.0
  •    Flexible microphone options through enhanced accuracy for built-in microphones (no headset required!), Wireless Bluetooth® mic, or headsets offer more convenience
  •    Enhanced support for accented speakers through advanced acoustic technology

Enhanced Productivity

  •    Increased recognition speed offers more time for patient care allowing clinicians to see more patients, increasing revenue and profitability
  •    Navigate and report in the EMR system, search online medical information, create and edit appointments and medical record notes, select items in menus, and command your computer all with just your voice
  •    Save transcribed files as Microsoft® Word documents rather than using solely Notepad (v4) for improved flexibility and efficiency
  •    Hidden Mode allows dictation directly into EMR eliminating navigation between EMR screens and notes window

Designed for Professionals

  •    Protection of patient data for maximum confidentiality & security
  •    Updated extensive vocabulary of more than 90 medical specialties and subspecialties
  •    Significantly reduces transcription costs and increases efficiency

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