Dragon Pro Speech Recognition Box

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 13 Upgrade

CAD $199.00

SKU: NUA-A289A-XD7-13.0


Product Description

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 13 Upgrade from Dragon Professional 11 and up.

Increase your daily productivity even further with the latest Dragon NatuallySpeaking Professional speech to text software

Designed for the busy professional and with performance in mind, Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional allows you to reduce the time you spend typing out documents and repeated tasks by giving you the ability to automate most of these tasks using your voice. Out of the box, you will get close to 99% accuracy after a brief training period and immediately be able to see your productivity increase right before your eyes.

This latest version, version 13 boasts an increase of 15% in recognition speed over version 12 and includes some exciting new features such as;

  • Sent Email tool now supports web-based email such as GMail and Yahoo mail helping Dragon learn even better than before
  • New vocabulary editor interface allows you to customize each word’s unique properties and makes it easier to search.
  • The Dragon Smart Format Rules have been enhanced to provide you with more hints for alternative words and written forms. It also adapts better based on your formatting corrections helping you create the document to look the way you want it.
  • Initial training is not even necessary anymore. With the enhanced speech engine, Dragon is ready to go right after install. We still recommend that you do initial training but if you just want to get going, you can!
  • Dragon now automatically detects the best audio source available
  • Enhanced DragonBar with customization options
  • Redesigned Learning Centre (Formerly the Dragon Sidebar)
  • Interactive Tutorial enhancements
  • Support for internal microphones
  • Now contains a Canadian English Vocabulary
  • New Custom Command Variable, open-ended dictation. This allows the user to end a command name with any word or phrase instead of having to choose from a pre-defined list

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional is the choice for professionals for creating, editing and formatting documents using the power of your voice. Call us for more details and you can also view further specifications and details in the attachment tab.