Olympus DS-9000 Digital Voice Recorder with ODMS R7 DM Software

CAD $449.00

SKU: OLY-V741020BU000
Brand: Olympus

Model: DS9000

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With advanced features such as a superior noise canceling system, best in-class file encryption, and improved structural integrity, the DS-9000 will simplify your workflow and increase dictation management efficiency. Intelligent dual microphones control the directionality to keep the focus on the person dictating and suppresses background noise. A triple layer studio quality filter ensures voices are captureed accurately while reducing unwanted sounds such as breath and wind for superior accuracy.
With a 1.5 meter shock-proof body and slide switch operation, the DS-9000 is designed to be a strong and dependable in heavy use environments. It includes 256-bit AES encryption and device pin lock, to protect your most sensitive information.

ODMS R7 DM software included.



  • Intelligent dual microphones suppress
    unwanted background noise


  •  Triple-layer sound studio pop filter
    blocks breath and wind vibrations


  • Motion sensor: wake up the device by picking it up to start the recording immediately
  • VCVA technology automatically identifies pauses by the speaker during dictation to save time, battery, and recording space


  • Certified up to 1.5 meter shock-proof
  • Convenient and precise slide switch for ease of operation and reduced risk of mechanical failure.

Applications that support the IN-USB2

  • Accuscribe
  • All N' One Digital Wav AudioScribe
  • Arrendale Transcribe+ by Arrendale Associates, Inc.
  • AudioWav Player by Dataworxs Systems
  • BayScribe
  • BCB/VoiceIQ - PlayALL XTRA
  • Blackberry AMR Recordings
  • ByteScribe
  • CourtSmart
  • Crescendo
  • CyberPlayer by Dolbey Systems, Inc.
  • DocQscribe
  • ECS PowerPlayer
  • EMDAT by InScribe Version 4.91 and later
  • Empiric Encompass.Net
  • eScription Version 8.0 and later
  • Express Scribe
  • Fusion Voice by Dolbey Systems
  • FTR Gold by FortheRecord
  • FutureNet
  • HPI Sum
  • HTH
  • InqScribe by Inquirium, LLC
  • iPlayer by RTAS
  • Liberty Court Player
  • Medical Transcription Interactive
  • PowerPlayer
  • PowerScribe
  • Rapid Text
  • Start/Stop
  • Sten-Typist
  • TheRecord Player by ForTheRecord
  • Transcription Buddy
  • Turbo Dictation
  • Vianeta
  • VIQ Player by VIQ Solutions Inc.
  • VoiceIQ
  • Wav Pedal
  • WebCorrect
  • Webmedx
  • WinScribe
  • And More!

Applications that support the Olympus RS-31

  • Olympus AS2400
  • Olympus AS7000
  • Olympus DS3500 (with Dock)
  • Olympus DS7000 (with Dock)
  • Other Compatible Software

Applications that support the Olympus RS-31

  • Olympus AS2400
  • Olympus AS7000
  • Olympus DS3500 (with Dock)
  • Olympus DS7000 (with Dock)
  • Other Compatible Software
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