Philips Dictation Recorder App for iPhone

CAD $120.00


Model: LFH0743

Product Description

Dictate on the go without carrying around an extra device with the Philips Dictation Recorder iPhone application!

Real time dictation on the go using the Philips Dictation Recorder iPhone application! Enjoy full recording capabilities from the device you most likely carry around with you all day. The Philips Dictation Recorder App is easy to use allowing you to focus on your thoughts and not the recording device. With available notifications, you can be sure that your dictations get where they’re supposed to and not have to worry about your work not getting done. The Philips Dictation Recorder app is also available for the Android phone and Blackberry devices. Note that this SKU is for the Dictation Hub only. If you are looking for the iPhone recorder software to use with SpeechExec Enterprise, you must use SKU PSP-LFH7430.