Dragon for Mac increases individual productivity at work by enabling fast, highly accurate dictation and transcription with exceptional customization to speed document creation. This easy-to-use solution lets you add custom words such as specific industry terminology, insert frequently used text or shortcut repetitive tasks by voice to work faster and smarter.

Dragon for Mac allows you to use your voice to dictate documents or enter text anywhere you can type. Each industry has it’s own set of terminology, with Dragon for Mac you can import or export a custom set of words, acronyms and other business specific phrases you frequently use.

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What you can do with Dragon for Mac

Think Out loud

Think out loud to create, format and edit by voice quickly and efficiently

Create Custom Commands

Create custom voice commands to insert frequently-used text & graphics

Go Mobile

Share dictation and sync customizations with Dragon Anywhere app for mobile productivity

Cross Platform

Dictate text within popular applications, including on the web

Automatic Transcription

Capture thoughts on the go for later automatic transcription


Command and control your computer by voice in ergonomic, hands-free comfort

Reduce Stress

Reduce physical stress from typing or meet accessibility needs

Dragon for Mac is optimized for the latest speech recognition technology.  Dragon for Mac provides support for Word 2016 with Full Text Control and built-in commands lets you effortlessly mix talking and typing, including the ability to select any items in any menu by voice, just like clicking a mouse!

Sync with separate Dragon Anywhere mobile app

Dragon Anywhere is a separate, cloud-based app that provides continuous dictation capabilities, letting you create and edit documents of any length by voice—using your own customized words, shortcuts and commands—directly on your iOS or Android device. Your documents can be shared and synced with Dragon desktop offerings for seamless productivity wherever your job takes you. Gain immediate access to your dictation without having to wait!

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