Philips Digital SpeechExec Transcription Kit

The Philips Digital SpeechExec Transcription Kit has been designed for ease of use. With simple to use intuitive software and comfortable accessories, managing your workflow will be easier than ever.

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Controlled Productivity

  • Designed for maximum comfort
  • Control of transcription and playback entirely by foot
  • Hands-free for continuous productivity
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Comfort at the forefront

  • Lightweight, under-the-chin stereo headphones for high-quality sound and comfort
  • Soft ear cushions designed for prolonged wear
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SpeechExec software for document data managment

  • Organize dictation files automatically between author and transcriptionist
  • Oversee the status of your work
  • Set priority status on important dictation files for immediate attention and processing
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Smooth Integration with Philips digital dictation solutions

  • Seamlessly integrate the Philips Digital SpeechExec Trascription Kit into any Philips digital dictation solution for full compatibility
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Philips Digital SpeechExec Transcription Kit

The Philips Digital SpeechExec Transcription Kit allows you full control of your transcription needs.  With the SpeechExec software to manage your dictation files and a comfortable and easy-to-use foot pedal and headset, your work just got easier.

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