Start-Stop Universal Transcription System

The Start-Stop Universal Transcription System is a professional grade PC-based, foot-pedal controlled transcriber that has been making industry waves since its introduction over a decade ago. Control the speed and playback of virtually any digital recording or dictation—pause, play, step-back, and fast-forward without taking your hands from the keys or your attention away from your word processor. The Start-Stop UNIVERSAL continues to be unique with its lifetime free upgrades guarantee, a wide range of supported audio formats, and a focus on improved workflow and efficiency for medical transcriptionists, court reporters, conference recording, legal transcription, educators, corporations, and government.The Version 12 of Start-Stop UNIVERSAL Transcription System, with even more additional new features: Now Windows 10 (August 2015), Windows 8, Windows 7® supported, Start-Stop Yodal for BlackBerry®, myDictation iPhone® MP3, audio playback support of 11 multimedia new formats (RM, IVF, MTS, MPEG, MPG, VOB, MP4, F4V, MOV, WMV, FLV), new file Drag ‘n Drop, and SPX (Speex) support.This is all in addition to supporting virtually every audio format in the industry (standard and proprietary, for example, WAV, MP3, WMA, DSS, VOX, VOC). Whatever you need to play and transcribe under foot pedal control, Start-Stop UNIVERSAL is the perfect multi-purpose transcription tool to help you get the job done.The Start-Stop UNIVERSAL is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 is Supported.

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Professional grade food pedal

Control the speed and playback of virtually any digital recording or dictation pause, play, step-back, and fast-forward without taking your hands from the keys or your attention away from your word processor.

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Free Spectra-PC headset

Enhance your transcribing experience with stereo headphones designed to provide you with quality sound, soft ear sponges and an under-the-chin style for maximum comfortability.

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Start-Stop UNIVERSAL Transcription System Version 12

The Start-Stop UNIVERSAL Transcription System Version 12 software manages your dictation files and allows you to review where your work is in its process to completion.

Supports Multiple formats

Start-Stop UNIVERSAL supports DSS, WMA, MP3, iPhone® MP3 and more!SST12 supports many more audio formats. See the complete list. Play and transcribe dictation and recordings from a wide variety of equipment and sources.

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Choose your own speed

Reduce playback rate by half or speed things up by 300%—the magic of digital.

Ultra Job Manager

The Start-Stop UNIVERSAL Transcription System is network enabled, allowing you to share, track, and archive jobs across the local network. This allows several transcriptionists to work on a pool of jobs without overlap. Automatic notification informs the transcriptionists that new dictation has been completed and is available for transcription. Automatic Notification: The program notifies transcriptionists of new and incoming work as it is being recorded by the Call-In Recorder. Work Pool Sharing: Several transcriptionists can share and track work without overlap, making this the perfect dictation/transcription system for small, medium or, large offices up to 300 authors. Job Manager: Automatically sort dictation by author, job type, time, length, or priority.Productivity Tracking: Automatically archive completed dictation while allowing a supervisor or transcriptionist the ability to track work accomplished and work remaining.

The Job Manager can be organized and queued with the help of complete demographic information: creation date, length, file, title, and job status.

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Complete Control

Several pedal (and hand control) options, hotkeys, and mouse control allow you to use the Start-Stop UNIVERSAL in a way that is quick, efficient, and tailored to your needs. Define hotkeys and pedal controls quickly and easily.

Automatic Update Notification

Your Start-Stop Transcriber will always remain up to date and current with automatic upgrade notifications.

Intuitive Graphic Interface

The graphic interface is easy to use and simple while containing all relevant controls, notifiers, and options. Start-Stop UNIVERSAL will work while running in the background and several display options allow you to simplify the interface, turn it ‘always on top,’ or reduce it down to a simple need-to-know taskbar.

Everything you need to get started: load files, adjust settings and monitor pedal functionality in one place.

1. Playback Controls and Information: Use mouse controls to quickly scan through files while you monitor the remaining and played file duration.

2. Bookmarks: Set up to 16 bookmarks per file with hotkey control.

3. Play URL: Open and transcribe directly from internet hosted files.

4. Job Manager: Job manager allows you to queue files, view demographic information, set continuous play, and archives completed files.

5. Instant Sound Magnifier: Slows down quickly-spoken words and phrases automatically if selected.

6. Step options and Pedal Monitor: All pedal clicks are displayed on the interface for simple, accurate feedback. Set the step amount and auto-step amount to suit your particular style.

7. Constant-Pitch, Variable Speed (Tempo) Control: Slow playback speed to as little as 10%, or increase it by as much as 190%, without changing the pitch of the user’s voice!

8. File Information: Quickly view file details: format, file size, and length.

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Manage your workload with the complete Start-Stop UNIVERSAL Transcription System – #30010

The Start-Stop Universal Transcription System is your one stop shop for all of your digital transcription needs. The Start-Stop uses a hands-free foot pedal system to easily control playing, rewinding, and recording digital sound files. The Start-Stop has all the tools needed to perform quick and efficient transcriptions from digital recordings.

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