vScription Transcribe is your free transcription software without any commitments. No strings attached.

vScription Transcribe gives you the ability to transcribe your local mp3, wav, dss, ds2 (Non encrypted) and ogg format files directly from your PC. Enjoy the ability to use your Generic USB foot pedal or Philips USB Foot Controls to control your audio and also take advantage of the beautiful text editor to easily transcribe your audio files.

vScription Transcribe Main Window

Features of vScription Transcribe Free Edition

Transcribe local mp3, wav, dss, ds2 and ogg audio files

Control your audio file using generic USB Foot Pedal or any Philips USB Foot Control

Send the audio player to the background while typing in other programs

Type into our beautiful editor and export the transcribed report to an RTF file for printing or filing

Use our built in word expander to cut down on typing time

Flexible built in HTML editor allows you to create formatted reports

Completely free transcription software. No Credit card required. Just a simple signup and small download and you’re ready to go!


Upgrade to our Pro Edition for Export to PDF, Cloud Storage, Backend Speech Recognition and more

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