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Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 Speech Recognition

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CAD $1,599.99

SKU: NUA-A709A-X00-12.0
Brand: Nuance

Model: DMPE2

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Product Description


With an extensive vocabulary of over 90 medical specialties, a faster response and correction rate, and up to 99% accuracy, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, the speech recognition product is the ultimate streamlined solution for independent practices. This software allows direct voice dictation and navigation within the EMR system as well as adapts to a wide range of regional accents for further documentation accuracy. The dragon medical software compliments any application, software, or platform that accepts text input and is compatible with most EMR systems. Designed with patient care in mind, this state-of-art technology increases efficiency allowing for more time spent with patients, and as a result, an increase in patient and clinician satisfaction. Moreover, the newly added and improved Hidden Mode feature allows clinicians to multi-task more effectively by dictating and reviewing information simultaneously.



  • 99% speech recognition accuracy straight out of the box through its state-of-the-art technology and increased recognition performance
  • Highly adaptable to accented speakers through advanced acoustic technology for improved documentation accuracy
  • Direct voice navigation and Dragon medical  dictation within the EMR system as well as medical information web search via voice command provides a richer detail per patient


  • Increased recognition speed and accuracy offers more time and focus on patient care providing a richer, more detailed assessment per patient
  • Faster, advanced correction allows for more effective use of time so that physicians can spend it with patients and get home in time for dinner ‰ÛÒ increasing physician job satisfaction and quality of life.
  • Hidden Mode allows dictation directly into the EMR eliminating navigation between EMR screens and the notes window


  • Protection of patient data for maximum confidentiality & security
  • Extensive vocabulary of over 90 medical specialties and subspecialties
  • Dragon medical significantly reduces transcription costs and increases efficiency
  • Convenient and flexible speech input via iPhone or Android devices

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